Effluent Treatment Projects

Effluent Treatment Solutions for Pharmaceutical & Drug

Approx Price: Rs 10 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Effluent Treatment Solutions for Pharmaceutical & Drug
For the purpose of treating this effluent, Evaporation and Drying methods are used. A combination of Industrial Evaporators like Falling Film Evaporator, Forced Circulation Evaporator and the Industrial Dryers like Vertical Thin Film Dryer are used. Other auxiliary techniques such as centrifuging, filtration, incineration are also employed depending upon the characteristics of the effluent.

The effluent containing high amount of organics is heated in a reboiler and passed through a Stripper Column to strip off the maximum low boiling organic solvents and their vapours are condensed using a condenser. These condensed vapours are partially refluxed back to the stripper to enrich the column and rest of the condensate (solvent) is collected separately and can be incinerated in an incinerator for making the facility a complete zero pollution plant.

The output liquid stream from the bottom of the Stripper Column which is now almost free of low boiling solvents enters the Multiple Effect Falling Film Evaporator /forced circulation evaporator or combination of two for further concentration. After concentration in the Evaporator, we get a concentrated stream of effluent which can be then further concentrated or dried in different types of evaporators and dryers depending upon the actual composition of the individual stream. The condensate water obtained from the Falling Film Evaporator is of very low COD. In case further reduction in COD is desired, then various techniques can be used like activated carbon treatment or aeration with a high pressure blower for prolonged periods.

  • Prices will be depend on capacity and specifications

Effluent Treatment System

Product Details:
  • Impurities to be removed: Oil and Grease, Dissolved Minerals, TDS, Turbidity, Colour, pH
  • Industry: Sugar Industry, Dairy Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Distillery, Paper Mills, Leather Industry, Chemical/Petroleum Industry, Automobile, Slaughter House
  • Secondary Treatment Type: Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR), Fluidized Aerated Reactor, Activated Sludge, Dissolved Air Floatation, Fixed Film Bioreactor, Reverse Osmosis, Trickling Filters
  • Treatment Stages: Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment, Disinfection
  • Water Source: Industrial Effluent, Industrial Wastewater
  • Feed Flow Rate (cubic-meter/day): 0 - 50 m3/day, 51 - 100 m3/day, 101 - 500 m3/day, 501 - 1000 m3/day

Industries during the manufacturing process generates huge quantity of high toxic effluents which yield very high BOD, COD, TS and TDS level with black colored and odor effluent.

Based on the above mentioned fact, SSP has developed a Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Treatment system by which it will be possible to overcome all the environmental problems The concept and the treatment is based on the belief that all the BOD requirement should go down and the condensate coming out should not be polluted.
Effluent Treatment Projects

Electroplating Industries Waste Water Evaporator

Approx Price: Rs 10 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Electroplating Industries The effluent from the Electroplating Industries is generally low in solids content and contains metals like chromium and manganese in the effluent.The effluent is preheated and then fed to the Multiple Effect Falling Film Evaporator for concentration. After concentration, the concentrate is dried using an Agitated Thin Film Dryer. This dried powder can be used as solid waste disposal or as a land fill.

Prices will be depend on capacity and specifications

Textile Evaporators

Approx Price: Rs 20 Lakh / Unit 
Textile Industry Evaporators
Textile dyeing industries need huge quantity of water for textile dyeing, which they normally pump out repeatedly from the ground or natural water sources resulting in depletion of ground water level.

In the dyeing process textile industries generate huge quantity of toxic effluent containing colours, sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and traces of other salts. These are generated after dyeing and after washing of garments / fabrics. After dyeing the waste water produced is called Dye Bath water and after washing the waste water generated is called wash water.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Approx Price: Rs 10 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Zero liquid Discharge Plant

One stop Complete solution for Industrial waste water / effluent water to make the plant Zero liquid Discharge (ZLD). So that after treating effluent water, it can be recycle to plant for reuse. This reduces the fresh water consumption.
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